Chinese drama dvd: 101st Marriage proposal, english subtitles

Chinese drama dvd: 101st Marriage proposal, english subtitles

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* Title: 101次求婚 / 101 Ci Qiu Hun
* Also known as: 101st Marriage Proposal
* Genre: Drama, romance
* Episodes: 20
* Broadcast period: 2004-Sep-17 start
* Related TV show: 101st Marriage Proposal (Fuji TV, 1991)



Li Shao Rong is an elegant and talented orchestra cellist who meets up with Zheng Jin Tai, a less-than-handsome-looking man who has walked long, unfortunate and ill-fated love roads. It is heart-touching and engaging to watch Jin Tai's devotion, sincerity and persistent love attitudes still shine through even after 99 unsuccessful proposals. There are right turns and wrong twists in their lives, especially with the appearance of Jun Shi, a charismatic rich man. Practice makes perfect. Will Jin Tai's next proposal win him a bride or will his proposals keep tallying up? Romanticize yourself with this series that speaks right to the heart!


* Choi Ji Woo as Li Shao Rong
* Sun Xing as Zheng Jin Tai
* Jerry Huang as Jun Shi
* Liu Xiao Feng as Shi Jing and Xian Yu
* Zhang Yan as Yun Na
* Wu Jia Ni as Yi Xuan