Chinese drama dvd: Waking up love, english subtitle

Chinese drama dvd: Waking up love, english subtitle

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Roy Qiu as Xiang Tian Qi / Liu Xiao

Tan Yan as Liu Xiao Bei

Xu Zheng Qi as Ji Ru Feng

Qiu Wei as Mu Zhi Qing

Year: 2011

Episodes: 40 (45 mins)

Opening: Waking Up Love (爱情睡醒了) by Yuan Chang Jie

Ending: Ru Guo Ai Wang Le (如果爱忘了) by Qiu Wei


A poor hotel maid, because of an accident, she falls in love with the CEO of a major company, played by Roy Qiu, who had lost his memories. When he regains his memory, the two are faced with challenges both in love and in business, and must work together to save both themselves and their homes.