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The story begins in 1956, when Chinese people are devoting their revolutionary enthusiasm to the fundamental construction of the new country. Wenli (acted by Jiang Wenli), a pretty mathematics teacher in a primary school, and Tongzhi(acted by Zhang Guoli), a model technician in a heavy machinery factory got married in the 1950s. Their 50-year marriage life witnesses the greatest change of China. Therefore, this story is not only about their fifty years life but also represents the history of the People's Republic of China, which tells about the rough and rugged paths of their marriage in annalistic style.

The wife, Wenli, a native of Beijing, is the youngest child of her family. Pretty and vivacious, she is very fond of love novels of Soviet Union, and longing for the romantic love and marriage. However, she is also fulfilled with the style of bourgeois and squeamish. The husband, Tongzhi, the single son of his family, is from Chongqing. Open-minded, humorous and vigorous, he is so practical and short of romance. Owing to their incompatible personalities, when their marriage, conflicts emerge about living conditions, children, sex,the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Quarrels and fights break out on trifles from time to time, ended with making up thanks to their mutual love.

At their middle age, the marriage slides into the weary time. Ignoring his wife's feelings, Tongzhi is occupied with work while Wenli is full of fears and complaints about the middle-aged life. To promote himself, Tongzhi insist on leaving Beijing and work for a short time in the southwest, where he is allured by a young woman colleague. On hearing of it, Wenli is so annoyed as to make a terrible scene in the presence of the factory leaders and pleads with them to recall Tongzhi. Although they shake hands after that, the matter will lead a great deal of trouble in future. Tongzhi is depressed about his future while Wenli gets garrulous with the burden of heavy housework on her.

As time goes on, they communicate even less. They used to have words no more as before but what leaves situation worse is that they are bogged in a cold war and later come to blows. Their marriage seems to come to an end. At the same time, the young woman who allures him before breaks into Tongzhi's life, and Tonzhi, at middle age, begins to be carried away by love from her, when he loses the hope of his cause and family. Having been grieved and raged after getting to know it, Wenli becomes mature. As a wife and mother, she spares all efforts to support the family to go through the crisis. Without complaining, she takes a dead aim at looking after mother-in-law and educating their children of different ages. Having hovered between love and responsibility for a long time, Tongzhi chooses his wife and family, for he takes his wife and family as the first thing in the depth of his heart.

When aged, they step into the solid and stable marriage, helping each other to pull through every plight. Life, however, gives no preference to them. They are held up by illnesses, and Wenli nearly dies of it. Three daughters undergo setbacks in marriage. What is the worst, their spoiled son loses his life in a traffic accident shortly after he gets married. It is the mutual care and concern that put them through the miserable days. The story finishes with their golden wedding ceremony.