Japanese Drama DVD: Yan Papa, english subtitles

Japanese Drama DVD: Yan Papa, english subtitles

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Japanese Audio
English subtitles (may contain grammatical error or typos)

NTSC format
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Complete Episodes

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Sub quality: very good


    * Title (romaji): Yan Papa
    * Also known as: Young Father
    * Genre: Family drama
    * Episodes: 10
    * Broadcast network: TBS
    * Broadcast period: 2002-Oct-09 to 2002-Dec-11


The opening episode, 25-year-old Yusaku (Nagase) was about to marry Yu, a famous manga artist to whom he was apprenticed. However, Yu had three children by a previous marriage, all of them resented her relationship with the much younger Yusaku and disapproved of the coming wedding. In fact, the three kids also disliked Yu, since she was always busy at work, they were raised by her older sister.

After having already registered their union at the local municipal office, Yu, on the morning of the wedding, also changes the beneficiary in her life insurance policy to Yusaku. Then, on the way to the ceremony, she is killed in an accident.