Korean drama dvd: A far and away nation, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: A far and away nation, english subtitles

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complete episodes

english subtitles (may contain grammatical error)

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Title: A Far and away nation

Episodes: 48


Audio: mandarin only

Subtitle: english / chinese


Han and Yong are orphans adopted by a thief named Kim Zaiju. Han Yu doesn't want to be a small timer for his whole life, so he decides to enlist and become an officer. Kim's son, Man Shun is a hooligan who loves playing the flute. His only wish is to hold hands with a famous singer named Kim Xuan Zhi. One day, Man Shun meets Xu Yunxia (played by Kim Hee Sun) at a metro station and falls hopelessly in love with her. But Xu Yunxia is not interested in Man Shun, which makes Yong very angry. So he goes to her house to confront her about it, but he is unexpectedly brought into this love triangle and opens up a completely new world. Xu Yunxia has to undertake a huge reponsibility for her rich family when they suffer an unexpected loss. Man Shun, who knows that Yunxia loves Han deeply, is always protecting her secretly, even willing to die for her. There's always some differences between fancy dreams and austere reality. Yunxia becomes a superstar while in the meantime her problems with Han begin to grow. To seek those dreams, Man Shun, Han, and Yunxia work together to find that distant land which belongs to them all.