Korean drama dvd: Before and after, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: Before and after, english subtitles

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NTSC format

Region Free dvd9 disk

English subtitles ( may contain grammatical errors or typos)

Complete episodes

multi audio: korean / mandarin
subtitles: english / chinese
Details  for Before and After

    * Title:   Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic
    * Previously known as: Cosmetic Surgery
    * Genre: Medical
    * Episodes: 12
    * Broadcast network: MBC
    * Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-06 to 2008-Mar-31


Han Geon Soo is the young clinic owner who tries to protect his clinic from being taken over by loan sharks. He tries his best to save the clinic when uncollected loans are passed on to him after his father's sudden death. Choi Yong Woo is a talented doctor who joins the clinic to return his thanks to Geon Soo's father. Yong Woo is someone that often gets into arguments with patients who want to undergo unnecessary plastic surgery. Yoon Ki Nam is the nurse who forms a love triangle between the two men. Yoon Seo Jin is the manager who obtained her perfect beauty through plastic surgery.