Korean drama dvd: Fantasy Tower, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: Fantasy Tower, english subtitle

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Title: 환상거탑 / Fantasy Tower
Chinese Title: 幻想巨塔
Genre: Omnibus, Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, Comedy
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-July-17 to 2013-Sep-04


8 different fantasy drama which holds various imaginations, mysteries and thrillers.


Episode 1 (Part 1): Respect for Human Rights

Kang Sung Jin as Min Chul
Lee Ha Rin (이하린) as Mi Sun
Nam Sung Jin as Gan Soo

Episode 1 (Part 2): Time Bank

Jo Dal Hwan as Kim Sang Jin
Sa Hee as Lee Eun Sun

Episode 2 (Part 1): X Project

Ahn Jae Mo as Kang Dong Wook
Kim Seung Hyun (김승현) as Kang Dong Min
Shin Ji Soo as Park Hyun Jin

Episode 2 (Part 2): Memory Maker

Kang Sung Min as Sung Tae Joon
Jung Wook as Kim Hyo Jung
Lee Byung Wook as Jun Byung Hak

Episode 3 (Part 1): Online Verbal Abuser

Hong Kyung In as Hyung Shik
Sung Eun as Lily

Episode 3 (Part 2): Face Off

Cha Hyun Jung as Ji Soo
Kim Jung Min as Ji Min
Jung Wook as Min Suk
Kim Se Hee (김세희) as May

Episode 4 (Part 1): Flyers

Danny Ahn as Dal Soo
Lee Ha Rin (이하린) as beautiful flyer girl
Myung Soo (명수) as Yoon Jin Young

Episode 4 (Part 2): Children’s City

Kim Chae Yun as Go Yoo Mi
Kim So Jung (김소정) as singer child
Sung Yoo Bin (성유빈) as mayor

Episode 5 (Part 1): Spoiler

Song Jae Rim as Yong Wan
Sol Bi as Eun Sung

Episode 5 (Part 2): Will Erase the Past

Kwak Ji Min as Yoo Mi
Hwang Joon Won (황준원) as Young Jong
Lee Tae Young (이태영) as Mi Young

Episode 6 (Part 1): Polyandry

Ahn Hye Kyung as Mi Yun
Jung Myung Ok (정명옥) as Hee Sun
Im Ji Woon (임지운) as Yoo Suk
Yoon Jin Young (윤진영) as Ki Soo
Kim Dae Hyun (김대현) as Min Ki
Kang Suk Jung as bartender

Episode 6 (Part 2): Virtual City

Lee Sang In as Hwan Joo
Han Seul Ah (한슬아) as Ha Na
Oh Soo Min as Yoon Hee
Jang Yoon Hee (장윤희) as couple manager

Episode 7 (Part 1): Idol Honey

Park Min Kyung (박민경) as Mal Sook
Shim Hyun Sub (심현섭) as Sang Shik
Lee Seung Yub (이승엽 of A-JAX) as Seung Yub

Episode 7 (Part 2): Computer Head

Lee Kyun as Seung Kwan
Lee Ji Yool (이지율 of Dalshabet) as Yun Soo
Bae Ki Sung (배기성) as english teacher

Episode 8 (Part 1): Reincarnation

Oh Tae Ha (오태하) as Hwan Suk
Han So Young as Yoo Ri
Lee Jae Hwan (이재환) as Tae Soo
Lee Min Hyuk as Min Ho
Yoo Tae Woong as Sun Ho

Episode 8 (Part 2): Avatar App

Kim Bin Woo as Song Hyun Ji
Hwang Joon Won (황준원) as team leader
Lee Chae Ri (이채리) as team leader
Han Choon Il (한춘일) as president