Korean drama dvd: Four sisters, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: Four sisters, english subtitles

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Complete episodes
English Subtitles (may contain grammatical errors or typos)
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    * Title: 네 자매 이야기 / Ne Jamae Iyagi
    * Also known as: Four Sisters' Story
    * Genre: Drama, Romance
    * Episodes: 20
    * Broadcast network: MBC
    * Broadcast period: 2001-Jun-13 to 2001-Aug-16



"Hae Jung (Hwang Soo Jung) is the eldest of four sisters, and is kind and giving to her younger sisters - even though she's actually their half-sister. In contrast, second sister Yu Jin (Chae Rim) is ambitious and straightforward, and cares deeply for family friend Young Hoon (Han Jae Suk), causing plenty of problems for everyone else! Third sister Yu Mi (Ahn Yeon Hong) is materialistic, and gets engaged to a rich gentleman despite having another, more suitable lover (Ji Jin Hee). And fourth sister Yu Sun (Park Ye Jin) is a high school student with a heart problem - and an ardent love for her high school teacher! As the years pass, each sister struggles to find true love, and conflicts and difficulties arise. But through it all, they remain true to each other.