Korean drama dvd: Good witch, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: Good witch, english subtitle

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English subtitle (EXCELLENT AND PERFECT)
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Title: 착한마녀전 / Good Witch
Also Known as: Nice Witch
Chinese Title: 善良魔女傳
Genre: Family, Melodrama
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2018-Mar-03 to 2018-May-05



Cha Sun Hee (Lee Da Hae) is a housewife and she is married to Bong Chun Dae (Bae Soo Bin). Her husband is currently unemployed. She has a twin sister, Cha Do Hee (Lee Da Hae), who works as a flight attendant. Although they are identical twins, they have completely opposite personalities. Cha Do Hee becomes involved in a situation which leads to Cha Sun Hee pretending to be her flight attendant sister. She then meets co-pilot Song Woo Jin (Ryu Soo Young).


Main Cast

Lee Da Hae as Cha Sun Hee / Cha Do Hee
Ryu Soo Young as Song Woo Jin
Ahn Woo Yeon as Oh Tae Yang
Hye Jung as Joo Ye Bin