Korean drama dvd: Goodbye to sadness a.k.a. Farewell to tears

Korean drama dvd: Goodbye to sadness a.k.a. Farewell to tears

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    * Title: 슬픔이여안녕 / Sel peum ee yuh Annyoung
    * Also known as: Goodbye Sadness / Goodbye to Sadness / A Farewell to Tears
    * Episodes: 60
    * Broadcast network: KBS2
    * Broadcast period: 2005-Jun-11 to 2006-Jan-01

Audio: Korean only
Subtitles: English


This is a story about the unconditional and all-forgiving love of four brothers who after years of fighting and hatred pull together and reconcile to revive their father’s business. The four brothers, each representing different generations, symbolize ordinary people living in today’s world: Han Sung-jae, the soft-hearted but incapable oldest brother in his 50s, who shoulders the heavy burden of being the head of the family; Han Sang-kyu, the accomplished but selfish second brother in his 40s, who only thinks of getting rid of his family responsibilities; Han Sung-min, the third brother in his 30s who lost his job due to corporate restructuring; and, finally, Han Jung-woo, the youngest one who has just graduated from college and is yet unemployed.

The lives of these four siblings represent the hardships of the unemployed of various generations. This series also asks the question about the genuine meaning of marriage by showing how married couples of various age groups work on their relationships to avert divorce.