Korean drama dvd: Hearts of 19, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: Hearts of 19, english subtitle

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    * Title:  Yeol A-hob Soon-jeong
    * English title: Pure 19 / Pure in Heart / Hearts of 19
    * Genre: Romance, Comedy
    * Episodes: 167
    * Broadcast network: KBS1
    * Broadcast period: 2006-May-22 to 2007-Jan-12



Gukhwa (Koo Hye Sun) is a young country girl who leaves Yanbian (China) for Korea to get married. When she arrives in Seoul, she finds out that her fiance had just died in a car accident. Instead of returning to China, she decides to stay and create a new life in Korea. With the help of her fiance's family and in particular his nephew, Ugyeong (Lee Min Woo), she is able to overcome the hardship of living in a foreign country.


    * Koo Hye Sun as Yang Gukhwa

Hong family

    * Lee Min Woo as Hong Ugyeong
    * Shin Goo as Hong Yeong Gam (grandfather, a tailor)
    * Kang Nam Gil as Hong Moon Gu (father)
    * Kim Mi Kyung as Kim Ok Geom (mother)
    * Kang Suk Woo as Hong Pung Gu (uncle)
    * Jo Jung Rin as Hong Usuk (younger sister)
    * Son Jong Bum as Hong Sun Gu (uncle who died, Gukhwa's fiancé)

Park family

    * Suh Ji Suk as Park Yun Hu
    * Lee Yoon Ji as Park Yun Jeong (younger sister)
    * Han Jin Hee as Park Dong Kook (father)
    * Yoon Yeo Jung as Myeong Hye (mother)
    * Yoon Yoo Sun as Park Yun Ji (older sister)
    * Ahn Jung Hoon as Go Gwang Man (Yun Ji's husband)

Kang family

    * Choo So Young as Kang Shin Hyeong (Yun Hu's girlfriend)
    * Choi Won Joon as Kang Geon Hyeong (Shin Hyeong's plastic surgeon younger brother)

Other people

    * Lee Han Wie as Mr. Go (assistant tailor)
    * Lee Hye Sook as Choi Hye Suk
    * Kim Ha Kyoon as Choi Hye Suk's ex-husband
    * Jo Mi Ryung as Na Pal Ja
    * Jun Won Joo as Pal Ja's mother
    * Go Eun Mi as Ha Su Jong (Yun Hu's old girlfriend)
    * Lee Seol Ah as (Yun Jeong's best friend)
    * Seo Han as Jae Seo (Yun Jeong's ex-fiancé)