Korean drama dvd: Hometown legends, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: Hometown legends, english subtitle

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    * Title: 전설의고향 (傳說의 故鄕) / Hometown Legends
    * Also known as: Hometown Of Legend / Legendary Hometown / Korean Ghost Stories
    * Genre: Fantasy, Horror
    * Episodes: 8
    * Broadcast network: KBS2
    * Broadcast period: 2008-Aug-06 to 2008-Sep-03


Episode 1

    * Title: 구미호의 귀환 / Return of the Gumiho
    * Also known as: Return of the Nine-Tailed Fox / The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox

The Nine-Tailed Fox


The Lee family harbored a secret and it was believed that was how they could survive for generation and prospered no matter what the circumstances. The family was the decendant of the nine tailed fox. Once a female family member reached puberty, she would undergo a ritual to determine if she carried the genes of the nine tailed fox. If she were, she would be 'married off' and never see her family again. Lee Myung Ok was the youngest daughter of the family and her curiosity led her to dicover that the marriage was a farce whereas in actual fact, the 'bride' was being sacraficed and killed so the family patriarch could prolong his life feasting on the liver of the nine tailed fox. When her only sister was killed in such manner, Myung Ok unleashed her fury and turned into a nine tailed fox herself to seek revenge. Is this the end of the family?

Episode 2

    * Title: 아가야 청산가자 / Baby, Let's Go to Cheong Mountain
    * Also known as: Let's Go to The Blue Mountains, My Love / Child, Let's Go to Cheong Mountain

Child, Let's Go to Cheong Mountain


Dang Gol Ne, a sorceress, told a noblewoman, Yoon, that in order to save her sick child, Young Hwa, she must feed a baby's liver to Young Hwa. Her accomplice, Chun Soo, tricked a poor woman to sell her baby for adoption. The baby's mother changed her mind and went searching for her baby, only to find that her child had been killed. Devastated, she committed suicide but her ghost kept looking for her baby. After Young Hwa recovered, strange things started happening.

Episode 3

    * Title: 사진검 (四辰劍) 의 저주 / Curse of the Sajin Sword
    * Also known as: The Cursed Sword

Moo Ryung, Yoon In, & Sung Goo


This story invloved the making of the holy 'Sajin Sword' which was supposed to protact the royal family and the country. When the blacksmiths who was engaged in the making of the sword died under mysterious circumstances one by one; Yoon In, a government official, was sent to the village to investigate. He did not believe in spirits but could not find any logical explanation to the blackened burnt corpses.

Episode 4

    * Title: 귀서 (鬼書) / Ghost Letter
    * Also known as: Your Letter

Ghost Letter


Emperor In Jong, died suddenly after being on the throne for only nine months. After his death, mysterious incidents occured in the court and several people were found dead. Certain people believe that this incident is similar to a popular ghost story called "The Legend of Seol Gong Chan." The Chief Prosecutor, Sa Hyun, was determined to get to the bottom of it and discovered that there was a conspiracy in the court that involved forces beyond his capability.

Episode 5

    * Title: 오구도령 / Oh Goo the Exorcism
    * Also known as: Oh Gu Bachelor Ghost / Young Lord Oh Goo

Chae Ok and Ki Joo


Min Yoo Rim was hanged for being in love with a nobleman, Yoon Ki Joo. After her death,her spirit attached herself to Ki Joo's sword to protect him. Ki Joo became a wanderer and by chnace he arrived at a village haunted by spirits and people were dying off under mysterious circumstances.

Episode 6

    * Title: 기방괴담 / Gisaeng House Ghost Story
    * Also known as: Ghost Story

Gisaeng House Ghost Story


Kim Won Ik and Hyo Rang were aristocrats who caused the death of a Gisaeng. In turn she came back from the dead to seek revenge on them. The story is about human greed and violence that emerges from the bottom of one person's fears.

Episode 7

    * Title: 사신이야기 / Demon's Story

Demon's Story


The story about harbingers from hell who lost the 'death list'. They were sent back to earth to look for the list and engaged the help of a thief to steal it from the governor but things weren't as easy as first thought..

Episode 8

    * Title: 환향녀 / Returning Lady
    * Also known as: Loose Woman

Returning Lady


Soo Yeon married Jung In but on their wedding day she was kidnapped to become a slave in China. She managed to escape with her sister-in-law but when they returned to their hometown, they were treated like outcasts. Her mother-in-law fabricated a lie that Soo Yeon was carrying another man's child and threw her out before Jung In returned home from the capital. Soo Yeon returned home only to be poisoned by her half-brother and mistress. Her sister-in-law suffered the same fate and the two became ghosts. Jung In was assigned to find out the cause of men disappearing in the mountains and the husband and wife finally came upon each other.