Korean drama dvd: I love you my opponent, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: I love you my opponent, english subtitles

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    * Title: 사랑한다 웬수야 / Saranghanda Wensuya
    * Also known as: I Love You, My Opponent
    * Episodes: 18
    * Broadcast network: SBS
    * Broadcast period: 2005-Jul-15 to 2005-Sep-09

Oh Joong-sae is married to Myong Hae-Kang who is the daughter of a well-known company CEO. They have a son, and Joong-sae is holding a high ranking position in Hae-kang's father's company. Despite his high position, Joong-sae feels as if he has always been in Hae-kang's shadow. Marrying into a wealthy family, while he comes from a middle class family, Joong-sae just can't get away from his wife's name.

Hae-kang is a confident woman, who finds out that some of her father's companies "loyal" workers may be up to no good. She and her father thinks it is best for her to work at the company so that she can teams up with her husband to lead the company to safety. When Joong-sae finds out his wife will be working at the company, he thinks that she will take on a higher position than him...therefore pushing him into her shadow again...what will Joong-sae do?