Korean drama dvd: Lie, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: Lie, english subtitles

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    * Title:   Geo-jit-mal
    * Also known as: The Lie
    * Genre: Drama
    * Episodes: 20
    * Broadcast network: KBS2
    * Broadcast period: 1998-Mar-30 to 1998-Jun-20



Jun Hee (Lee Sung Jae) is a professional designer that enjoys a fulfilled life with his wife Eun Soo (Yoo Ho Jung). However, their seemingly perfect relationship is put to a challenging test after the couple discovers that Eun Soo is unable to have a baby of her own. In the middle of the whole conflict Joon Hee starts to develop feelings for female manager Song Woo (Bae Jung Ok), which puts in motion a passionate triangle relationship...


    * Bae Jung Ok as Joo Sung Woo (33)
    * Yoo Ho Jung as Jung Eun Soo (27)
    * Lee Sung Jae as Suh Joon Hee (28)
    * Kim Sang Jung as Lee Dong Jin (28)
    * Choo Sang Mi as Se Mi (23)
    * Kim Tae Woo (김태우) as Jang Uh (25)
    * Joo Hyun as Joo Hyun Chul (55)
    * Yoon Yeo Jung as Yoon Young Hee (52)
    * Yang Hee Kyung
    * Kim Dong Joo
    * Son Hyun Joo
    * Ahn Hae Sook
    * Woo Hyun Joo (우현주)
    * Jung Sung Mo
    * Han Jin Hee
    * Kim Ha Kyoon
    * Yoon Ye Hee
    * Jung Jong Joon (cameo)