Korean drama dvd: Memory of Beautiful days, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: Memory of Beautiful days, english subtitles

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NTSC format

Region Free dvd9 disk

English subtitles ( may contain grammatical errors or typos)

Complete episodes

 multi audio: korean / mandarin
subtitles: english / chinese


    * Title:  Ah-reum-dah-woon Nal-deul
    * Episodes: 24
    * Broadcast network: SBS

When orphan Kim Yeon-soo (Choi Ji-woo) leaves her best friend Kim Sae-na (Lee Jung-hyun) to seek a livelihood in Seoul, little did she expect to be embroiled in a love triangle with two brothers. Yeon-soo's superior, Lee Min-chul (Lee Byung-hun) is the confident and astute manager of Victory Records while his step-brother Lee San-jae (Ryu Si-won) is a medical student who has aspirations as a song-writer.

When Min-chul offers Yeon-soo the position of a governess to his wilful sister, Lee Min-ji (Shim Min-ah), Yeon-soo seeks a favour in return to groom Sae-na as a singer. Min-chul and Yeon-soo fall in love while San-jae develops a secret affection for her. However, San-jae's secret love for Yeon-soo aggravates the long-standing hostility between the two brothers.

Ever since Min-chul's father's second marriage to San-jae's mother, Min-chul and his sister have been estranged from the family. San-jae and his mother have been constantly blamed for breaking up Min-chul's family. However, a two-decades old secret reveals San-jae's birthright, shattering Min-chul and threatens his relationship with Yeon-soo. At the same time, Yeon-soo discovers that she is ill...