Korean drama dvd: Missing Noir M, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: Missing Noir M, english subtitle

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Title: 실종느와르 M / Missing Noir M
Chinese Title: 失蹤的黑色M
Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast Period: 2015-March-28 to 2015-May-30


The dram will revolve around a unique case investigated by Gil Soo Hyun (Kim Kang Woo) and Oh Dae Young (Park Hee Soon). This team focuses on not just simple missing victims but missing persons involved with serious crimes.

Gil Soo Hyun is extremely intelligent. At the age of 10, he attended Harvard University. After graduating there, he decided to work at the FBI and worked there for 10 years. Afterwards, he decided to come back to South Korea. He now works as the leader of the Special Missing Persons Unit. The unit deals with about 1% of special missing cases involving violent crimes. His appearance borders on perfection, but he holds a secret.

Meanwhile, Oh Dae Young has worked as a detective for 20 years and he has an obsession in observing the law. He is known as a master of missing person cases.


Kim Kang Woo as Gil Soo Hyun
Park Hee Soon as Oh Dae Young
Jo Bo Ah as Jin Seo Joon
Park So Hyun as Kang Joo Young
Kim Gyu Chul as Park Jung Do