Korean drama dvd: My Daughter Seo Yeong, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: My Daughter Seo Yeong, english subtitle

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Title: 내 딸 소영이 / My Daughter Seo Yeong
Chinese Title: 我的女兒素英
Genre: Family, Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-15 to 2013-March-03


This family drama will tell the story, love, hate, reconciliation and relationship between a father who separates with his daughter.

Seo Yeong (Lee Bo Young) is a tough woman who tries to escape the harsh life of poverty with a strong passion to gain success, overcome her lower status and rise in society. On the road to fullfill her dream, She cuts ties with her poor family and incompetent father (Chun Ho Jin) who still love his daughter despite her bitterness.


Lee Sam Jae’s Home

Chun Ho Jin as Lee Sam Jae (Seo Yeong and Sang Woo’s father)
Lee Bo Young as Lee Seo Yeong
- Lee Hye In as Seo Young (young)
Park Hae Jin as Lee Sang Woo (Seo Yeong’s twin brother)
- Baek Seung Do (백승도) as Sang Woo (young)