Korean drama dvd: Potato boy, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: Potato boy, english subtitles

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ENGLISH SUBTITLES (may contain grammatical error or typos)

Region Free DVD9 disks
Detais for Potato Boy:

Episodes: 55
Language Korean, Subtitle Chinese, English (Contains Typos & Incorrect Grammer) Media DVD All region NTSC Format


February 2006

Jo Hyeon-Jae
Kim Young-Ho
Lee Bo-Young
Lee Byeong-Hun


The SBS drama "Sodongyo", translated as "Sodong's Song", has much in common with "Jewel in the Palace". Both deal with similar themes: a success story of a lower class person rising to the top, a love that transcends social position, a secret of birth and a rivalry between main characters.

However, whereas "Jewel" is set in the Choson Kingdom (1392-1910), "Sodongyo" takes place in the Paekche Kingdom (18 B.C. - A.D 660), a first for a TV drama. Aside from the romance between a princess and a commoner, an interesting part of the drama is that it focuses on a fierce technology war almost 1,500 years ago.

The protagonist is Sodong, a commoner who strives to become a top technician. Unaware that he is in fact of royal birth, Sodong later becomes King Mu, the 30th king of Paekche.

The main background of the drama is Taehaksa, Paekche's prestigious institute of science technology. As it possessed and developed the most up-to-date technology at that time, the institute was always in danger of industrial espionage from other countries like the Koguryo Kingdom and the Silla Kingdom.