Korean drama dvd: Stained glass, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: Stained glass, english subtitles

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Details for Stained Glass Window

* Title: Yurihwa
* Also known as: Stained Glass Window
* Genre: Melodrama, Romance
* Episodes: 18
* Broadcast network: SBS
* Broadcast period: 2004-Dec-01 to 2005-Feb-03
* Multi Audio: korean / mandarin
* Subtitle: english / chinese


During their childhood, Dong-ju and Gi-tae are both abandoned by their real parents. In the orphanage, they grow up like brothers and become best friends. Ji-su transfers to the school, where Dong-ju and Gi-tae attended there. But at the same time, they both fall in love with her. While trying to get the ocarina, Dong-ju is caught in the river and is presumed drowned. A Japanese couple adopted him after he was being drowned in the river, Dong Ju became a heir to the corpotate throne. Gi-tae takes Dong-ju's place in Ji-su's affections and later become a couple. Twelve years later, Dong-ju returns to Korea as a Japanese gentleman, but his feelings for Ji-su begin to develop and his friendship with Gi-tae begin to unravel.