Korean drama dvd: Strike love, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: Strike love, english subtitle

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    * Title: 2009 외인구단 / 2009 Alien Baseball Team
    * Also known as: 2009 Foreign Baseball Team / Strike Love
    * Genre: Sport, romance
    * Episodes: 16
    * Broadcast network: MBC
    * Broadcast period: 2009-May-02 to 2009-Jun-21


Oh Hye Sung met Choi Eom Ji when they were young and didn't meet her again til they were in high school. However, at that time Eom Ji was the girlfriend of a star baseball player, Ma Dong Tak. Hye Sung pitched a perfect game in his professional debut but injured his arm in the process. Doctors told him that it would be unlikely for him to ever play baseball again. Devastated by what the doctors told him, Hye Sung disappears without a trace to an isolated island to train on a professional baseball team. Four years later Hye Sung returns from the island only to find out that Eom Ji married Dong Tak.


    * Yoon Tae Young as Oh Hye Sung
          o Park Seung Do as Hye Sung (teen)
    * Kim Min Jung as Choi Eom Ji
          o Choi Hye Kyung as Eom Ji (teen)
    * Park Sung Min as Ma Dong Tak
          o Lee Pyong Woon as Dong Tak (teen)
    * Song Ah Young as Choi Hyun Ji
          o Kim Ye Won as Hyun Ji (child)