Korean Drama Dvd: Tamna the Island, English subtitle

Korean Drama Dvd: Tamna the Island, English subtitle

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    * Title:  / Tamnaneun Doda
    * Also known as: Tempted Again / Shipwrecked / Tamra, The Island / Tamna, The Island
    * Genre: Period
    * Episodes: 16
    * Broadcast network: MBC
    * Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-08 to 2009-Sep-27


The drama is based on a manhwa with the same title. Tamna the Island is set in 17th-century Joseon times as a young English castaway, William, comes to the island and meets Jang Beo Jin, Park Kyu, and Yan. The name “Tamna” refers to what is now called Jeju.


    * Seo Woo as Jang Beo Jin
    * Im Ju Hwan as Park Kyu
    * Pierre Deporte as William Spencer
    * Lee Sun Ho as Yan Kawamura
    * Lee Seung Min as Seo Min
    * Byun Woo Min as Jang Won Bin
    * Yang Hee Kyung as Eom Ssa Boo In
    * Kim Yoo Jung as Jang Beo Seol
    * Kim Mi Kyung as Choi Jang Nyeo
    * Lee Ho Jae as Park Chul
    * Bang Eun Hee as Go Ba Soon
    * Jung Joo Ri as Han Boon
    * Jo Seung Yun as Kim Yi Bang
    * Lee Hae Woo as Hyang Dul Yi
    * Han Sung Joo
    * Kim Ho Won as Hyang Dol Lee