Korean drama dvd: The great gatsby, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: The great gatsby, english subtitles

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The Great Gatsby
TVN's new drama The Great Catsby is adapted from the same-titled award-winning internet comic, which was inspired by the great American novel The Great Gatsby. Created by artist Do Ha, The Great Catsby garnered great acclaim and an ardent fanbase for its intimate, angsty, and achingly realistic portrayal of modern life and love. In the manga, the characters are embodied by animals. In the drama, comedic singer MC Mong and rising actor Kang Kyung Joon from Nonstop 5 take on the roles of twentysomething laggard Catsby and trusty sidekick Hound as they drink, stumble, ponder, and face the many trials of youth.
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Audio(Multi): Korean | Chinese

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 22 Episodes Complete Set