Korean drama dvd: The King and I, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: The King and I, english subtitle

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    * Title: 왕과 나 (王和我) / The King and I
    * Also known as: King and Me
    * Genre: Historical
    * Episodes: 63
    * Broadcast network: SBS
    * Broadcast period: 2007-Aug-27 to 2008-Apr-01


A drama about Kim Cheo Seon's life during the Joseon Dynasty. Kim Cheo Seon was a loyal and faithful eunuch for various Kings such as the 5th King, MoonJoong, and the 10th King, YunSan Goon, during the Chosun Era.


    * Oh Man Suk as Kim Cheo Seon
          o Joo Min Soo as Cheo Seon (adolescent)
    * Koo Hye Sun as Yoon So Hwa
          o Park Bo Young as So Hwa (adolescent)
    * Ko Joo Won as King Seongjong
          o Yoo Seung Ho as Jaeulsangun (adolescent)
    * Lee Jin as Jung Hyun
    * Jun Kwang Ryul as Jo Chi Kyeom (head of the eunuchs)
    * Jun In Hwa as Queen Dowager Insu (Seongjong's mother)
    * Yang Mi Kyung as Queen Mother Jeonghee (Seongjong's grandmother)
    * Jun Hye Bin as Seol Young (Chi Kyeom's adoptive sister)
    * Ahn Jae Mo as Jung Han Soo (eunuch)
          o Baek Seung Do as Han Soo (adolescent)