Korean drama dvd: Tokyo shower, english subtitle

Korean drama dvd: Tokyo shower, english subtitle

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    * Title:   Tokyo Shower
    * Also known as: Tokyo Sun Shower
    * Genre: Romance
    * Episodes: 4
    * Broadcast network: SBS
    * Broadcast period: 2008-Jun-02 to 2008-Jun-10



Lee Soo Jin is an actress that used to run away from her problems before getting famous. While filming a difficult commercial shoot, she gets scared and runs away. While on the run from her management company, she meets and grows to love Hyun Soo, a sushi chef from Korea living in Japan. She also befriends Eun Bi (an aspiring singer) and Park Sang Gil (a college student) both of whom are trying to make as Korean expatriates in Japan. Seven years have passed since Soo Jin last saw Hyun Soo and she can't forget about him.


    * Kim Sa Rang as Lee Soo Jin
    * Kim Tae Woo as Jung Hyun Soo
    * Jin Goo as Park Sang Gil
    * Ivy as Eun Bi
    * Okuda Erika as Megumi
    * Lee Ki Young as Chun Man Hee
    * Otani Ryohei as Yuseuke
    * Yamamoto Kaku as Tanaka Harumi
    * Inohana Mai as Yuki