Korean drama dvd: Women next door, english subtitles

Korean drama dvd: Women next door, english subtitles

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multi audio: korean / mandarin
subtitles: english / chinese



    * Title:   Women Next Door
    * Genre: Family, Romance
    * Episodes: 12
    * Broadcast network: MBC
    * Broadcast period: 2003-Jul-16 to 2003-Aug-21


2006 MBC Release

Marriage is no longer straight life insurance. Everybody swears an eternal love in the wedding ceremony, but love has its own shelf life...

[Lady Next Door] explores what it means to 'lead a marriage life' in a cheerful manner through looking into the daily lives, including marriage life and extramarital affairs, of three married couples in their 30's living in the same middle-class apartment building. The three couples, unexpectedly faced with a critical moment of their marriage lives with belated love(i.e. extramarital affairs), wisely overcomes the crisis with the help of their skills accumulated in seven years of marriage life, crying, laughing, loving and hating. There is a saying, ground packs after a rain...