Taiwan drama dvd: Love Forward, english subtitle

Taiwan drama dvd: Love Forward, english subtitle

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    Title: 向前走向愛走 / Xiang Qian Zou Xian Zou
    English title: Love Forward
    Genre: Romance
    Episodes: 22
    Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
    Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-19 - 2012-July-15


Zeng Ai Xing, a smart, street-wise, clever and passionate girl, meets Meng Jing Jing, a beautiful, rich, mean and stubborn girl. They first come of as sworn enemies, but once they came into each others lives, they began to understand each other and became best friends. As best friends, they decided to make their dreams come true together, Ai Xing wants to become rich and save her family from poverty while Jing Jing wants to find a family which she can selfishly love to herself. Meng Jing Jing has her eyes set on Du Tian Ze, A pro bono lawyer (professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service) with a kind heart and loving attitude. Zeng Ai Xing on the other hand, has a man from her real estate job, more specifically - her boss; Ren Wei!

But tragedy strikes when Du Tian Ze and Meng Jing Jing get into an accident and get separated from each other...

Broken heart-ed Tian Ze lives with Ai Xing from then on, but when Jing Jing comes back, she has lost all her memory with Tian Ze, but they fall back into love and remember each other again. But when Meng Jing Jing family hits bankrupt, and gets into debt, she finds her self into the scemes of Ren Wei, as Jing Jing has to find love with Ren Wei, Ai Xing is left with the comfort of Tian Ze, which becomes a disaster...


    Amber Kuo as Meng Jing Jing 孟晶晶
    Chen Yi Rong as Zeng Ai Xing 曾愛行
    Leroy Young as Ren Wei 任偉
    Tony Yang as Du Tian Ze 杜天澤
    Hu Ying Zheng (胡盈禎) as Zhang Ling Li 張伶俐
    Chen Bo Zheng as Du Fa Cai 杜發財
    Li Zhi Xi as Meng Sheng Hua 孟盛華