Taiwan drama dvd: Magical love, english subtitle

Taiwan drama dvd: Magical love, english subtitle

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    * Title: 愛情大魔咒 (爱情大魔咒) / Ai Ching Ta Mo Chou (Ai Qing Da Mo Zhou)
    * English Title: Magical Love
    * Genre: Romance
    * Episodes: 20
    * Broadcast network:
    * Broadcast period: 2001


Another Fun and Great Love Drama by Taiwanese Stars!!

"Magical Love" is an urban love soap in E time. It is also called (Meteor Garden) girls version. It is the first TV work by Taiwan's hottest singing group S.H.E.
Yaoqi, Zhu Liye and Hu Sha Sha are Dreaming Cheer squad as well as the trio-star-chaser. In the cab where Zhu LiYe, Yao qi and Hu Sha Sha ride in, they chase all the way to the vans driven by stars. Directed by YaoQi, this three girls showed their bands and posters, shout out their worship to their idol. They never care about the dangers of bumping the cars driven by stars....