Taiwan drama dvd: Spring Love, english subtitle

Taiwan drama dvd: Spring Love, english subtitle

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Title: 美人龍湯 / Mei Ren Long Tang

English title: Spring Love

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 14

Broadcast network: FTV

Broadcast period: 2013-Jan-27 to 2013-May-05


After his mother's death, Long Tai returned to Taiwan in search for his long lost father and twin brother. When people mistook him for his brother, who had left the country, he perpetuated the mistake. The change did not go unnoticed by his brother's foe, Zhao Ren Hu, who had planned on defeating Long Tian He in a festival competition and taking over Long's hot spring. As per agreement, the defeated Zhao sent his sister to Long's house to work as an indenture servant for a year. Although he secretly ordered his sister to spy on Long, the sister had other things in mind.

  • Mike He as Long Tai 龍太 / Long Tian He 龍天賀
  • Lin Ying Zhen as Zhao Ren Mei 趙人美
  • Le Le (樂樂) as Childhood Ren Mei
  • Sato Mai (佐藤麻衣) as Kitano Atsuko 北野溫子