Taiwan drama dvd: When love walked in, english subtitle

Taiwan drama dvd: When love walked in, english subtitle

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Title: 愛情闖進門 (爱情闯进门) / Ai Qing Chuang Jin Men
English title: When Love Walked In
Also known as: 失去城堡的王子 / Shi Qu Cheng Bao De Wang Zi / The Prince Who Lost His Castle
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: HBTV
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-27 to 2012-Sep-12



Qin Yu Jiang was under orders to look for the chairman's long-lost granddaughter, who turns out to be Shen Ya Yin, a girl treated like Cinderella in her aunt's home. What happens next is a love story that makes people laugh and cry.



    Calvin Chen as Qin Yu Jiang
    Victoria Song as Shen Ya Yin
    Zhou Mi as Li Shang Lin
    Lee Shiau Shiang as Gu Qing Feng
    Lu Yu Xie (陆昱颉) as Lu Ming Qiong
    Tong Xiao Yan (仝晓燕) as Chen Yu Ru
    Andrey Lazarev (安德烈-拉泽夫) as Brad